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How to Apply for PAN Card in 2023

Application for fresh allotment of PAN can be made through Internet. Further, requests for changes or correction in PAN data or request for reprint of PAN card (for an existing PAN) may also be made through Internet.

Online application can be made either through the portal of Protean (formerly NSDL eGov) ( or portal of UTITSL (​​​​​​​​).

The charges for applying for PAN is Rs. 93 (Excluding Goods and Services tax​) for Indian communication address and Rs. 864 (Excluding Goods and Services tax) for foreign communication address. Payment of application fee can be made through credit/debit card, demand draft or net-banking. Once the application and payment is accepted, the applicant is required to send the supporting documents through courier/post to Protean (formerly NSDL eGov)/UTITSL. Only after the receipt of the documents, PAN application would be processed by Protean (formerly NSDL eGov)/UTITSL.

For New PAN applications, in case of Individual and HUF applicants if Address for Communication is selected as Office, then Proof of Office Address along with Proof of residential address is to be submitted to Protean (formerly NSDL eGov) w.e.f. applications made on and after 1st November 2009. As per RBI guidelines, the entities making e-commerce transactions are required to provide PIN (Personal Identification Number) while executing an online transaction. Therefore, before making payment for online PAN/TAN applications using credit card / debit card / net banking, applicant is required to obtain PIN from Banks whose credit card/debt card/net banking is being used.

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